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Spot Treatment

Use spot treatment to rid of pimples when they surface. Things you can consider - Benzoyl peroxide (kill acne-causing bacteria), Salicylic acid (exfoliate and unclog pores) and Retinoids (boost cell turnover, prevent clogging)

Change Makeup

use mineral makeup instead of oil-based products. Oil-based makeup can block pores. For best effect, go make up free! Your skin will thank you for that much needed break


It may seem counter-intuitive, but Acne spot treatment can dry out the skin. Use a moisturizing gel which has a light-weight texture and is less likely to aggravate acne

Amplify your results with super serums

Supercharge your routine with our targeted serums – all formulated with powerful + clean ingredients for 100% skin health, perfect for Acne.

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