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spot treatment

Spot Treatment

Use spot treatment to rid of pimples when they surface. Things you can consider - Benzoyl peroxide (kill acne-causing bacteria), Salicylic acid (exfoliate and unclog pores) and Retinoids (boost cell turnover, prevent clogging).


Change Makeup

use mineral makeup instead of oil-based products. Oil-based makeup can block pores. For best effect, go make up free! Your skin will thank you for that much needed skin break.

Use a Moisturizer


It may seem counter-intuitive, but Acne spot treatment can dry out the skin. Use a moisturizing gel which has a light-weight texture and is less likely to aggravate acne.

Amplify your results with super serums

Supercharge your routine with our targeted serums – all formulated with powerful + clean ingredients for 100% skin health, perfect for Acne.

Shop: Gentle Peel.

Skinday Commitment

All skindays treatments are guaranteed to:

  • Be of great quality that delivers promised results leaving you with happier skin.
  • Stick to its stipulated timing and not deviate greatly, ensuring every customer’s schedule is not affected.
  • Use only cruelty free and vegan products, with no parabens and alcohol.
  • Maintain high service quality and hygiene standards that is expected within our medspa.
  • Be conducted by expert aestheticians who have undergone our strict internal training regime.
  • Be transparent and affordable. What you see online is what you get! Absolutely no deviation in pricing.
  • Have a stress-free environment. Enjoy your treatment without fear of any hard selling!

Wherever you are on your skincare journey, we have the skin solution for you. Simply tell us your skin concern and we provide the skin fix. You can leave it to team skindays to deliver the best face acne treatment for your next #skindate.