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Frequently Asked Questions

The AcneMed Facial caters to acne-prone skin and has multiple steps targeted to resolve acne-related concerns. On the otherhand, the 50-Min Expert Facial is a custom facial experience for those who have multiple skin concerns and would like to address multiple skin issues.
That being said, it is important to note that the majority of treatments used in the AcneMed Facial cannot be found in the 50-Min Expert Facial.

Yes of course! Manual extractions are included in our AcneMed Facial as part of our pore purifying treatments.

It is unlikely that there is any downtime involved as our treatments are mostly non-invasive. However, those with sensitive skin may experience some downtime due to the extractions procedure and/or our BHA peel.

It depends on your skin!

As a rule of thumb, we highly recommend a series of AcneMed Facial (4 to 6 sessions) spaced once per month. Thereafter, you may decide to get this facial done bi-monthly or hop onto any of our other facials for monthly maintenance.